LLS appleLettings Learning Snacks

This section contains a number of short, bite-sized courses on different topics around letting and property management each taking around 30 minutes to complete.

NOTE: [E&W] means the snack applies to both England & Wales, [E] means it applies to England, and [W] means it applies to Wales. Snacks that apply to Scotland can be found in the safeagent Scotland category under the Courses tab.



Course Cost Access allowed for Notes
Lettings Learning Snack [per user] £12 inc VAT 2 months Each snack has a test at the end on which you need to score 70% or more to pass


Course                                     Cost          Access allowed       for             Notes
Lettings Learning Snack x 6                    [per user]       £60 inc         VAT   3 months             When purchased in a block of 6 or more; please let us know which LLS you would like to study


Important information about tests

You are allowed two attempts at each test and failing both attempts is rare if you prepare properly and take your time. In the unlikely event that you do fail both attempts, the Head of Learning & Development may, in EXCEPTIONAL circumstances only, allow one further attempt for which a re-sit fee of £12.00 [inc. VAT] will be payable.

How do I get more information about these snacks?

Please see the list below for more information on each of our Letting Learning Snacks [LLS]. Each LLS has a small test at the end on which you must score 70% or more to pass; you have two attempts at each test. Tip: Do not click away from the test window once you have started as this will count as one of your attempts!

How do I get access to safeagent PD Lettings Learning Snacks?

To get access to the safeagent PD Lettings Learning Snacks please email us at cpd@safeagents.co.uk; we try to respond to all contact by the following working day. You can also purchase directly from our online shop HERE.

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