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LAS logoWe have partnered with Landlord Accreditation Scotland to provide a range of online training modules specifically for letting agents operating in Scotland.

CPD [Continuing Professional Development] for Scotland agents

We have two CPD options for our Scotland agents:

  1. Lettings Learning Snacks for Scotland pack, and
  2. Scotland Compliance CPD pack

The Lettings Learning Snacks for Scotland category [below] contains details of our short, bite-sized CPD courses. As the Lettings Learning Snacks take around 30 minutes each to complete, taking all 10 would achieve 5 hours of formal CPD. Bulk purchase of all 10 snacks attracts a discount of 10% and is excellent value at £108 [inc. VAT]. If you pass all 10, and let us know when you have done so, we will issue an eCertificate of Achievement to document your CPD. 

The Scotland Compliance CPD pack comprises 5 of our existing CPD courses:

  1. AML [Anti Money Laundering]
  2. Asbestos Awareness
  3. CDM [Construction Design & Management Regulations]
  4. Legionnaires’ Disease Awareness
  5. Data Protection

Each course is worth 2 hours of CPD and completing all 5 would achieve10 hours of formal CPD. Individually the CPD courses cost £36.00 [inc. VAT] and bulk purchase of all 5 courses attracts a discount of 10% and is excellent value at £162.00 [inc. VAT]. For the broadest coverage of topics the Compliance pack can be taken in addition to the Lettings Learning Snacks for Scotland pack. If you pass all 5, and let us know when you have done so, we will issue an eCertificate of Achievement to document your CPD. 

You can also use our free CPD record template which you can download below if you wish [it is simply a way to keep track of your CPD, you do not need to submit the document anywhere].

Click HERE for the CPD record template.

How do I get access to the safeagent Lettings Learning Snacks for Scotland pack and Scotland Compliance CPD pack?

To get access to the safeagent packs please email us at; let us know which pack you are interested in and we will arrange to send you an invoice. and when that's paid you'll be ready to go!

We try to respond to all contact by the following working day.

What CPD do I need to do?

When your approved qualification is over three years old, you will need to have completed 20 hours CPD training (15 of which must be formal) on letting agency work for registration/re-registration purposes.

This CPD must include at least 15 hours of formal training which could consist of:

  • courses
  • conferences
  • lectures
  • seminars
  • webinars

You should have documented evidence (like a certificate) showing that you achieved the training or that you delivered it.

The rest of the hours needed can be informal training. This may include:

  • work shadowing and coaching
  • informal learning within your company
  • interactive discussions with experts
  • informal teaching for others
  • reading and writing articles on letting agency work

This Course Information section contains information on the NALS Foundation Lettings Course [Scotland]. It contains information on the format and content of the Foundation course and how it will be delivered. You will also be able to download an enrolment form.

* No enrolment key required - just enrol yourself *

If you don't already have an account on the VLE you will be prompted to create yourself one before you can enrol on any course including this one.

This foundation course covers the training topics required under the Letting Agent Registration (Scotland) Regulations 2016 in force from 31st January 2018. It is a brief introduction for letting agents in Scotland and is not legal advice and must not be treated as such.

This course applies to Scotland only.

* You cannot enrol yourself onto this course *

Apply using the enrolment form found in the COURSE INFORMATION: Foundation Lettings Course [Scotland]

This course is based on, and summarises, the Letting Agent Code of Practice (Scotland) Regulations 2016 and is a mandatory part of the Scotland: Foundation Lettings Course. The Regulations come into force on 31st January 2018. 

This course applies to Scotland only.

* You cannot enrol yourself onto this course *

This module forms part of the Foundation Lettings Course [Scotland]