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Welcome to the DPS Training Hub

Do you want to learn more about deposit protection? Then take one of the modules below. All the modules themselves are available to study free-of-charge; however, if you want to gain the Award in Deposit Protection [DPS] there is a fee [see details below].

NOTE: These modules are suitable for England & Wales only.

Award in Deposit Protection [DPS]

Do you want to demonstrate your knowledge of managing deposit protection processes and gain an accredited qualification? We're excited to introduce our newest qualification accredited by NCFE and designed in collaboration with The DPS. With the content written by a Head Adjudicator from The DPS, this course will help you gain recognition for your knowledge and understanding of the very best practice in deposit protection. 

How much does the Award in Deposit Protection Cost?

The Award costs £48.00 [inc. VAT] and your access to it lasts for 3 months from the date of enrolment.

What do I need to do to achieve the Award?

You need to do ALL of the following in order to achieve the qualification Award:

  1. Complete and pass all four of The DPS modules below [NOTE: if you do not want to take the Award, you can still study the modules for free but you do not need to submit an enrolment form]
  2. Complete the enrolment form for the Award which you can access HERE [NOTE: if you submit the enrolment form, you will be sent an invoice for the Award fee]
  3. Pass the final test, which is based on the material in all four of the modules and delivered on our Classmarker testing site [NOTE: you cannot have access to this final test until we have received your completed enrolment form and payment for the course]
  4. When you have passed the final test, you will be given access to the 'Claim my Award in Deposit Protection' module in order to claim the Award certificate